“Hero” – A Mother’s Day Tribute

Throughout ALS Awareness Month The Western PA Chapter is working hard to raise awareness for ALS, and highlight personal stories of those impacted by this devastating disease. This mothers day, one daughter, Michelle Salamon, shares a her ALS story and honors her late mother, who lost her battle with ALS almost 15 years ago.

Living with and coping with an ALS diagnosis is never easy, but our lives are forever shaped by this disease and our efforts to move forward with hope continue.

Happy Mother’s Day from your friends at The ALS Association Western PA Chapter!

“One word that we’ve been hearing a lot lately is hero. Doctors, nurses, and front line workers are all heroes. They are special people along with so many more. But someone else comes to mind when I think of a hero, and that is my mom, Sharon. When she was finally diagnosed with ALS, not once did she ask why. She dealt with this disease head on. After a doctors appointment when at first, they thought it was myolonic dystrophy, I remember I bawled for hours. One thing she told us was that she wanted to be able to do what she could by herself for as long as she could. When the time would come, she would need help, and then she would ask. Unfortunately, it didn’t get to that point. She soon got to a point where she needed help with everything. She continued to fight as hard as she could, but after a 20 month battle, on December 29, 2005, ALS had gotten the best of her. No more struggles, no more frustration. I miss her terribly and think of her often. She did the best she could for as long as she could with a disease that people didn’t know much about in 2005. And while dealing with ALS, she never asked “why me?” For this, and so much more, my mom will always be my hero. (After quarantine is over), and you are finally able to see your mom (and celebrate mother’s day), give them some extra hugs and love.”

Michelle Salamon

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