ALS Awareness Month: ALS Share-A-Thon!

With the help of Clearview Federal Credit Union and Pitt Athletics, The ALS Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter will be sharing ALS facts on social media during ALS Awareness Month. If we reach 250+ “shares” of these Share-A-Thon posts, Clearview Federal Credit Union will donate $2,500 to the Chapter!

This partnership all started when Fred, a person living with ALS, entered the Chapter into a Clearview Federal Credit Union contest last year. His heartwarming video won $1,000 for the Chapter and Clearview has supported us since. As a partner of both the Chapter and Clearview, bringing Pitt Athletics on board was an easy choice. Together, we hope to spread ALS Awareness far and wide with the ALS Share-A-Thon.

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Clearview Federal Credit Union

Why did Clearview Federal Credit Union choose to support The ALS Association?

Our vision at Clearview is “Helping People to Enjoy a Better Life,” and is what we live by and is the core of what we do with respect to our members, staff, and the community. This is in line with everything The ALS Association does every day – they strive to help provide a better life for those battling ALS. We are proud to be a part of these efforts and help raise awareness about ALS.

How are your employees/members spreading ALS Awareness?

As a new partner with The ALS Association of Western PA, we wanted to find a way to financially support the organization while utilizing our platforms to help raise awareness about ALS. Our teams worked together to find a way to accomplish this, and the ALS Share-A-Thon was born! We look forward to this event to share information with our community about ALS and to continuing this momentum with our participation in the upcoming CEO Soak.

What is your goal in supporting the ALS Share-A-Thon?  

Our goal in supporting the ALS Share-A-Thon is to continue raising awareness and providing funds to help The ALS Association of Western PA continue its mission to discover treatments and the cure for ALS and serve, advocate for, and empower people affected by ALS to live their lives to the fullest.

Share about Clearview’s values pertaining to community support.

 As a community  financial institution, we’re firmly rooted in the practice of helping our neighbors. Clearview supports the community through our Clearview Cares program that encompasses everything Clearview does in the community. This includes donating time, money and items to those in need.

Pitt Athletics

Why is Pitt Athletics and Pitt Men’s Basketball involved in the fight against ALS?

The Capel brothers and the Pitt Men’s Basketball team fight for their father, Felton Jeffrey Capel II, who was diagnosed in 2014 with ALS, and unfortunately passed on November 13, 2017 from the disease.

Pitt Panthers head coach Jeff Capel III, stated in his 2017 Players Tribune article,

Throughout my whole life, I’ve learned the importance of teams. Growing up, I was always around my dad’s basketball teams, and my own. And it’s because of the best team I’ve ever been on — the one of my dad, my mom, my brother and me — that I’ve become the man I am today. Now, the four of us are joining another team: the millions around the world fighting to find a cure for ALS. This is the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced, but we’re ready to face it the only way we know how: as a team.”

Jeff Capel III

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