2021 Impact Report: Providing a Voice to ALS Families

Each year, The ALS Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter releases an annual Impact Report to recognize the Chapter’s accomplishments and changes, while simultaneously highlighting a few members of our local ALS community.

In the 2021 report you’ll find recaps from this year’s major events, care services spending highlights, the latest in ALS research developments, general staff and board information, chapter financials, and more! Plus, you’ll learn more about those in #OurALSCommunity who are making an impact through advocacy, fundraising, and providing services to better the quality of life for ALS families.

This edition’s featured story focuses on an essential aspect of daily life for those living with ALS – communication. Providing a Voice to those living with ALS by funding speech generating devices and professional services, such as evaluations from a licensed Speech Language Pathologist, allow families like Fred and Sandy Abercrombie to feel connected and understood through the power of communication tools.

Read the 2021 Impact Report!

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