National Volunteer Month – Thank You Volunteers!

The contributions and impact of our volunteers is invaluable. From helping with event setup and logistics to mailings from the office, volunteers play an essential role to drive our mission forward. National Volunteer Month is an opportunity to recognize the impact of volunteer service and the power of volunteers in #OurALSCommunity. This year, in celebration, we asked volunteers to let us know why they offer their time to help those with #ALS. Here’s what they had to say.

“I volunteer for the ALS Association of Western PA because when my friend/co-worker (and Veteran) Melissa was diagnosed in 2016 at the very young age of 35, I knew I had to help somehow.  I am beyond sad to say that Melissa lost her battle at the end of November 2020, but I will keep volunteering and fighting for a cure because I know she would want me to continue so that others (especially Veterans who are twice as likely to get ALS)  do not have to suffer with ALS.  The staff at the ALS Association of Western PA are awesome and I feel lucky to know them and now call them my friends.  I live the volunteer spirit and I encourage others to volunteer for the ALS Association or another organization that you feel passionate about.  You always get more than you give when you volunteer!”

Karen Dunn

“When you go through a difficult period in life, you remember those that were there to hold you up throughout that time.  The ALS Association never left our side when my mother in law was living with ALS. They gave so much to my family, especially my mother in law, and  we will never forget all that they’ve done.  That is why we spend any time we can, helping them support those currently living with ALS.”

Amy Shaughnessy

I volunteer because I’ve seen the cycle of ALS, I’ve witnessed the impact the support that local ALS chapters have on those battling the disease, and I want to be a part of the organization that works tirelessly to develop treatment that not only allows people to live with ALS, but rids this world of the disease entirely.

Gregory Allison

I volunteer for three main reasons. One, to ALWAYS honor my step mom Jackie and raise awareness. Two,  l enjoy volunteering meeting new people and raise awareness. Finally,  l do it to support my dad, my best friend.

Alexis Freoni

I volunteer because I just want to see an end to ALS.  If I can give some of my free time to allow those living with ALS, as well as their caregivers, to have a glimpse of a future without having to battle every day of their life, then it will be worth every minute.  I volunteer to give speech to those who can no longer speak, a deep breath of air to those who cannot breath without assistance, a long walk to those who cannot walk on their own.  Every minute truly counts.

Sharon Squillario

I volunteer with the Western PA Chapter of The ALS Association in honor of and in memory of my father-in-law, F. Jeffrey Capel, Jr. who battled ALS until his last breath in November 2017. The ALS Association served as an amazing resource and support service for our family as we cared for him. Giving a few hours of my time each month is a small “thank you” in return for all the association has given to my loved ones.

Ashley Capel

“I volunteer because if you knew my mom, whom I walk for, you would know that volunteering is all she ever did. She was always doing for others, whether it was for the church, her friends, girl scouts or driving kids to baseball games. She never stopped being generous with her time while raising 7 kids.”

Carla Portash

Are you interested in volunteering with The ALS Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter?

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