Provide A Voice – Fred & Sandy’s Story

What if one day you woke up and could not speak? How would you communicate?

For our family, this cruel situation became a reality when ALS took Fred’s voice. The action of sharing a thought, need, or simple greeting became a daunting task for him.

The ALS Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter helped us through this challenging transition by providing encouragement and support. In addition, the Chapter provided speech devices, consultations with Speech-Language Pathologists, and guidance.

As a Speech- Language Pathologist, Kate Karlovits provides tools to those living with ALS so that they can have a voice. By giving a person the ability to speak, those like Fred are empowered to advocate for themselves and live their lives to the fullest.

People with ALS often experience frequent communication breakdowns. During this video, you will learn how Fred was put into a very frightening situation because he simply could not communicate his own health risks in the emergency room. This is an extreme example but demonstrates how important conversation can be.

For many, this time of year is all about connecting. This is especially true as Fred and I interact with others to enjoy the traditions of the holiday season. Connecting with our families, friends, and communities makes us who we are and fills our lives with meaning and belonging.

The ALS Association understands how important it is to connect with one another, which is why they make it a priority to provide a voice to those living with ALS. The following video shows how their services help connect ALS families so they can continue sharing those special moments in life.

You have heard various stories from me and my husband Fred about how his speech-generating device allowed him – us – to continue living our lives even with an ALS diagnosis. You learned about our new dog, Ellie, how Fred connected with his old Navy buddy, and his debut in the fountains for the CEO Soak with former coworkers from Philips.

We were happy to share our ALS “ride,” but I am sorry to share that our ride has ended. Fred has passed away from ALS. He was the love of my life, and I will miss him dearly. I’m glad you all got to see how he persevered in the face of his diagnosis. It was our wish that the Chapter continue to share his story and bring funding and awareness to this terrible disease.

The last video that we have to share shows how providing a voice to communicate, empower, and connect are all things that make a person whole. Having a voice made Fred feel like himself, even though ALS took so much from him.

We want to thank The ALS Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter for all they did to help us through this diagnosis. We are grateful for all of the assistance we received. If you are able to give this holiday season, I would encourage you to make a donation today to help provide a voice to other families like ours. The last few months we had together went quickly, and I couldn’t imagine doing it without Fred’s voice.

This holiday season, we are asking you to help provide a voice for those living with ALS by donating to ensure that ALS families have access to speech devices, consultations with Speech-Language Pathologists, and more. Not able to donate at this time? Share your voice so those living with ALS can keep theirs.

*The ALS Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter’s annual Impact Report covers finances, programs, and event highlights. Please read and share with those that want to learn more.

Special thanks to Fred and Sandy Abercrombie for sharing their ALS journey.

And thank you to Kate Karlovits, CCC, SLP for her outstanding work providing those living with ALS the necessary communication tools to live their lives to the fullest.

2021 Impact Report: Providing a Voice to ALS Families

Each year, The ALS Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter releases an annual Impact Report to recognize the Chapter’s accomplishments and changes, while simultaneously highlighting a few members of our local ALS community.

In the 2021 report you’ll find recaps from this year’s major events, care services spending highlights, the latest in ALS research developments, general staff and board information, chapter financials, and more! Plus, you’ll learn more about those in #OurALSCommunity who are making an impact through advocacy, fundraising, and providing services to better the quality of life for ALS families.

This edition’s featured story focuses on an essential aspect of daily life for those living with ALS – communication. Providing a Voice to those living with ALS by funding speech generating devices and professional services, such as evaluations from a licensed Speech Language Pathologist, allow families like Fred and Sandy Abercrombie to feel connected and understood through the power of communication tools.

Read the 2021 Impact Report!

Recap – Pittsburgh Walk to Defeat ALS ® 

On September 11th, our Pittsburgh ALS Community participated in the annual Pittsburgh Walk to Defeat ALS®. Teams gathered from near and far to walk “their way,” and helped raise over $512,000 to Unlock ALS!

Watch the full recap video below or on our YouTube channel:

While over 700 walkers were walking “their way,” various staff members popped by to join in on the fun and celebrate this year’s Top Teams!

Executive Director, Ryan Reczek and Director of Marketing/Advocacy, Kelsey Schooley spent their day dropping in to see “Team Duty,” “Bobby K’s Brigade,” and “Brett’s Brew Buddies.”

Team Duty gathered at Birchfield Elementary School to walk in honor of Dan Duty. After taking a lap around the school, friends and family reunited for cookies while the kids used sidewalk chalk to show their support.

Bobby K’s Brigade, who walks in honor of Robert Kleinedler, kicked off the day by live streaming opening ceremonies on a large projector screen in Bobby’s garage. Following the ceremonies, over 50 friends and family watched as Bobby cut the ribbon and walked throughout their neighborhood toting their customized team banner prize! After their Walk, the team returned back home for breakfast and photos.

Brett’s Brew Buddies celebrated two momentous events on Saturday – their annual Walk in honor of Brett Schoenecker, and Brett and Jeannine’s 25th wedding anniversary! After walking the streets of Blawnox (with a police escort!) the team headed over to Old Thunder Brewing to celebrate the couple with cake, a raffle, and of course, some good brews!

Director of Development, Kristi Marsili, and Development Manager, Amie Olson made their way up north to visit “Team Geniviva – The Iron City Horses,” “Team David Calve,” and “#TeamEDOO.”

Team Genivia – The Iron City Horses gathered at Ewing Park in Ellwood City in memory of John Genivia. John’s hometown served as the perfect location to gather family, friends, and lots of dogs for a fun time, lunch courtesy of Pittsburgh Fresh, and great Walk.

Just across the park, Team David Calve pulled together an impressive group for their 20th anniversary team walk! Team Calve walk to bring awareness to familial ALS which took the lives of several family members including, David Calve and his sister Barb Young. Team Captain, Sarah Calve, led the large group with a motivating and heartfelt speech into their walk. Along the route, Team Calve picked up the Iron City Horses to walk as one in the fight to defeat ALS.

#TeamEDOO came out in force to support the Zeigler family just one week after their ALS hero, Ed, lost his battle. This group, led by team captain, Taryn Bartolicius, and full of family, friends, and church members lifted up this strong family and showed their support by raising an additional $8,000 that day through an incredible basket raffle!

Development Manager, Jena McEwen, and Marketing/Advocacy Associate, Danielle LaBruzzo also joined “Team Zawk,” and “Team Father Dennis” for their Walk day festivities.

Team Zawk gathered at McBride Park to Walk in memory of Brian “Zawk” Zawasky. Instead of a traditional Walk, Brian’s brother Mark gathered a group of family and friends who grew up playing hockey at the park for a tournament to honor Brian’s memory. In addition to the games, guests were treated to Barbeque, raffle prizes, and breakfast, courtesy of State Fair mini donuts!

Team Father Dennis started their Walk Day with their annual mass held at Light of the World Church in memory of former priest, Father Dennis, who lost his battle to ALS in 2015. Following the service, the congregation walked and returned back to the church for lunch, a basket raffle, and snacks provided by Pittsburgh Fresh!

And last, but not least, staff stopped by to say hello to our top fundraiser, Team “Ewonce’s Army” on Sunday morning. The team of family and friends met at the Cider House at Treesdale Country Club for some pre-walk donuts donated by Dunkin Donuts. Following breakfast, the team walked two miles around the park at Treesdale Commons and then enjoyed snacks and hot dogs during an afternoon of corn hole, tailgating, and watching the Steelers.

Thank you to everyone who shared their pictures to our Google Drive or uploaded them to Facebook. And thank you to all who participated and fundraised to support our ALS community. We are truly all in this together as we continue to raise funds, spread awareness, and support ALS families in western Pennsylvania.

If you haven’t yet, please upload your photos to our Google Photo Drive!

Business Executives Came Together to Raise More than Ever for 5th Annual ALS CEO Soak

On August 12, 2021 over 50 CEOs and business executives joined forces to raise an outstanding $242,000 (and counting!) for those living with ALS in western Pennsylvania.

This year, twice as many CEOs lined up to be called out one by one and take their place in the fountain. This included executives from long-time partners Hefren-Tillotson, Oxford Development Company, Laurel Medical Solutions, and the Pitt Panthers Men’s Basketball team. In addition, some new faces joined the charge, including representatives from Dollar Bank, Jones Day, MSA, and Philips.

Don Belt, Hefren-Tillotson

Honorary event chair, and Hefren-Tillotson President Don Belt, raised over $47,000 this year in honor and memory of his friend and coworker Neil Alexander, who passed away from ALS at the age of 49. In the past five years, Hefren-Tillotson, the presenting sponsor of the ALS CEO Soak, has raised more than $100,000 for the event.

“I am participating because products and solutions for ALS families is not yet enough. We need more – we need better care. We need a cure. And so we are here to support that effort.”

— Eline de Graaf
Business Leader | Sleep & Respiratory Care North America | Philips

In total, over $557,000 has been contributed since the event’s inception in 2017, helping more than 350 individuals and families living with ALS in western Pennsylvania.

Fred Abercrombie joins Philips representatives in the fountains

This year’s Soak even had some special guests! Fred Abercrombie has been living with ALS since 2019. But even before his diagnosis, Fred was helping the ALS community through his work with Philips on the Trilogy Non-Invasive Ventilator, a device that many people with ALS use to assist their breathing. When Fred heard that his former coworkers were going to be at our Chapter’s ALS CEO Soak this year, he came to show his support and thank them.

In addition, Brett and Jeannine Schoenecker took the stage to share their personal ALS journey, thank participants, and speak about how the money raised is used to benefit our ALS Community.

Brett and Jeannine Schoenecker

Thank you to all who participated and fundraised for this year’s ALS CEO Soak. Our Chapter is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, dedication, and generosity.


Click below to view our 2021 CEO Soak Highlight Reel and Photo Album. Stay tuned for more photos, videos, and coverage of the event.


Click below to view press coverage of the 2021 CEO Soak event. Special thanks to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and Pittsburgh Business Times for these outstanding articles.



Recap – Johnstown Walk to Defeat ALS®

On July 24th, our Johnstown ALS Community held their 16th annual Johnstown Walk to Defeat ALS®. Teams gathered from near and far to walk “their way,” and came together to raise over $82,000 to Unlock ALS!

Here’s how a few members of #OurALSCommunity spent their walk day…

Team Phyllis and Team Rick Husband joined forces to cut the first ribbon of the day at Crichton McCormick Park and walked in memory of Phyllis Connelly and Rick Husband.

Team For Pete’s Sake walked at Engh Field and honored Pete Duranko’s memory. Then they shared a sweet treat with an assortment of baked goods.

Team John got the whole gang together at the family homestead in Lilly to walk in memory of John Conrad. Led by their patriarch, John Francis Conrad, the family walked around their neighborhood and then headed back for a picnic style lunch and the best chocolate and banana gobs around!

Team ALStriders for Clara felt like a family reunion walking around Clara’s sister’s neighborhood in memory of Clara Pearce. Complete with cute dogs, sidewalk chalk, and great treats. This Polish family knew just how to Walk to Defeat ALS!

Over at Revloc Park, team Ronnie’s Rangers held their annual walk and basket raffle raising over $2,025 for their team. After walking, the team enjoyed an assortment of picnic foods and announced the winners of over 25 baskets!

Thank you to everyone who shared their pictures to our Google Drive or uploaded them to Facebook. And thank you to all who participated and fundraised to support our ALS community. We are truly all in this together as we continue to raise funds, spread awareness, and support ALS families in western Pennsylvania.

If you haven’t yet, please upload your photos to our Google Photo Drive!

2021 Recap Video

Celebrating the First Ever Erie Walk to Defeat ALS®

On Saturday, June 26th, our Erie community came together to kick-off the first ever Walk to Defeat ALS® in the area! As teams gathered to walk “their way,” Erie rallied behind the motto, “We are #ALSInThisTogether,” and came together to raise over $31,878 to Unlock ALS, blowing past the original $20,000 goal set for the event!

Cindy’s Crusaders kicked off the walk Your Way in Erie by walking on May 16th in memory of their beloved Cindy, whose birthday is May 17th. The team walked with close family and friends along a local walkway. Alicia, Team Captain said, “It was the first time a lot of us had been together in over a year which made it special.”

On Walk Day, Director of Development, Kristi Marsili and Development Associate, Jena McEwen drove up to Erie to join in on the fun! The duo kicked off Walk Day with Team FUNctional, made up from staff members of UPMC, Centers for Rehab Services. The team gathered in the morning at Presque Isle and enjoyed a walk through the park!

The crew then headed over to Team Bond’s Walk for the ribbon cutting of our 1st official Erie Walk to Defeat ALS®! Team captain, Karen, and the rest of Team Bond took Jena and Kristi on a walk through the woods and then enjoyed a homemade lunch. The afternoon was filled with family, friends, and so many laughs.

But they weren’t done yet! The duo made their way over to Team Dan Tastic to wrap up the day! Dan and Judy rode on an ATV as they led their team through a maze of a Walk route! The team then gathered for a backyard picnic and fun.

At the end of the day, they were absolutely exhausted and ate way too much good food, but Erie teams really know how to have a good time!

Thank you to everyone who shared their pictures to our Google Drive or uploaded them to Facebook, including Rally for Ron’s beautiful tribute to their loved one and Lou’s Team “Can Do” walking from the shores of Lake Erie all the way down in Florida.

Thank you to all who participated and fundraised to support our ALS community. We are truly all in this together as we continue to raise funds, spread awareness, and support ALS families in western Pennsylvania.

If you haven’t yet, please upload your photos to our Google Photo Drive!

And Thank you to our Outstanding Sponsors!

*Special shout out to Cindy Glass and her t-shirt shop, Silk Screen Unlimited, for their support.

Erie, PA Residents Help to Unlock ALS at First Annual Erie Walk to Defeat ALS®!

Today, we are excited to celebrate as our Erie Walk teams gather and host their own mini-walks for the first annual Walk to Defeat ALS® in Erie, PA!

In keeping with tradition, our Unlock ALS lanyards are a tangible way to recognize the real reasons why we all Walk to Defeat this terrible disease we call ALS.
Each of our four Erie Unlock Representatives have joined our cause because they have ALS, have lost someone to ALS, are honoring someone currently living with ALS, or simply because they support any and all efforts to eradicate this disease.

Read their stories below as we honor them today:

If you followed Lou Gehrig day, you might recognize Dan as our special on field guest. Dan received a brand new power wheelchair that day and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Now Dan has the freedom to explore his beautiful country property, visit his kennel dogs and hunting camp, and enjoy the serene parks along the Erie peninsula. Dan wears the gold lanyard to represent and inspire those living with ALS. 

Judy is not just a sister of a loved one living with ALS, she is a dedicated caregiver and support person for her brother, Dan. She is the team captain of Team Dan Tastic and led her team in their first year walking to an incredible fundraising goal. Judy planned a fun event for Dan, their friends, and family. On top of a great Walk day, she helped to raise over $5,000 and connected with WJET in Erie to encourage others to join the fight against ALS at the Erie Walk. Judy is a loyal sister, leader, and advocate. Today, Judy joins all those wearing a blue lanyard in honor of those living and battling ALS daily. 

Karen and Team Bond walk in memory of their beloved husband, father, and friend Michael, who passed from ALS in 2018. Karen was an incredible wife and caregiver to Michael and continues to be a guardian to our community through her generous contributions and commitment to connecting with others that know this battle all too well. Karen is a trusted confidant to so many families and carries their stories to our state and national law makers to advocate for a cure for ALS and the support of the ALS community. Today, Karen joins all those who wear the white lanyard to remember their loved one they have lost to ALS. 

Interim HealthCare has always been a strong supporter of our ALS community and a big part of that is due to the leadership and dedication of our friend, Mary Beth Lombardi, Regional Sales Manager at Interim HealthCare. Whether it is braving the cold at the annual All in for ALS football game at Mercyhurst, finding caregivers for ALS families, or partnering for fundraisers in the Erie area, Mary Beth is always willing to do what she can to help. Today, Mary Beth wears the red lanyard to support the fight against ALS and to do whatever it takes to help our community.

Erie! Are you ready to Walk to Defeat ALS®? It’s as easy as 1…2…3!

  1. Watch our Opening Ceremonies below at 10AM!
  2. Share your photos with the community by tagging the Chapter on social or uploading your special Walk day moments to the Walk Google Drive
  3. Check out our Spotify playlist for Walk day tunes

Don’t forget to donate below to support our Erie ALS Community and their first Walk to Defeat ALS®!

Thank you to our corporate partner:

ALS Awareness Month: ALS Share-A-Thon!

With the help of Clearview Federal Credit Union and Pitt Athletics, The ALS Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter will be sharing ALS facts on social media during ALS Awareness Month. If we reach 250+ “shares” of these Share-A-Thon posts, Clearview Federal Credit Union will donate $2,500 to the Chapter!

This partnership all started when Fred, a person living with ALS, entered the Chapter into a Clearview Federal Credit Union contest last year. His heartwarming video won $1,000 for the Chapter and Clearview has supported us since. As a partner of both the Chapter and Clearview, bringing Pitt Athletics on board was an easy choice. Together, we hope to spread ALS Awareness far and wide with the ALS Share-A-Thon.

Share our posts on

Clearview Federal Credit Union

Why did Clearview Federal Credit Union choose to support The ALS Association?

Our vision at Clearview is “Helping People to Enjoy a Better Life,” and is what we live by and is the core of what we do with respect to our members, staff, and the community. This is in line with everything The ALS Association does every day – they strive to help provide a better life for those battling ALS. We are proud to be a part of these efforts and help raise awareness about ALS.

How are your employees/members spreading ALS Awareness?

As a new partner with The ALS Association of Western PA, we wanted to find a way to financially support the organization while utilizing our platforms to help raise awareness about ALS. Our teams worked together to find a way to accomplish this, and the ALS Share-A-Thon was born! We look forward to this event to share information with our community about ALS and to continuing this momentum with our participation in the upcoming CEO Soak.

What is your goal in supporting the ALS Share-A-Thon?  

Our goal in supporting the ALS Share-A-Thon is to continue raising awareness and providing funds to help The ALS Association of Western PA continue its mission to discover treatments and the cure for ALS and serve, advocate for, and empower people affected by ALS to live their lives to the fullest.

Share about Clearview’s values pertaining to community support.

 As a community  financial institution, we’re firmly rooted in the practice of helping our neighbors. Clearview supports the community through our Clearview Cares program that encompasses everything Clearview does in the community. This includes donating time, money and items to those in need.

Pitt Athletics

Why is Pitt Athletics and Pitt Men’s Basketball involved in the fight against ALS?

The Capel brothers and the Pitt Men’s Basketball team fight for their father, Felton Jeffrey Capel II, who was diagnosed in 2014 with ALS, and unfortunately passed on November 13, 2017 from the disease.

Pitt Panthers head coach Jeff Capel III, stated in his 2017 Players Tribune article,

Throughout my whole life, I’ve learned the importance of teams. Growing up, I was always around my dad’s basketball teams, and my own. And it’s because of the best team I’ve ever been on — the one of my dad, my mom, my brother and me — that I’ve become the man I am today. Now, the four of us are joining another team: the millions around the world fighting to find a cure for ALS. This is the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced, but we’re ready to face it the only way we know how: as a team.”

Jeff Capel III

31 Ways in 31 Days – How You Can Get Involved During ALS Awareness Month

May is #ALSAwareness Month! Awareness is critical to our vision of creating a world without ALS. The more people know about ALS, the more they get involved, and the more they support ALS advocacy, research, and care services. This kind of support gets us closer to finding potential treatments for ALS, and eventually a cure.

Here are 31 ways you can take part in ALS Awareness Month:

  1. Sign up to be an ALS Advocate
  2. Host a fundraising event
  3. Share this blog post and follow our Chapter Blog
  4. Follow us on Twitter
  5. Share your ALS story
  6. Become a volunteer
  7. Register for a Walk to Defeat ALS near you
  8. Subscribe to our YouTube channel
  9. Join Team Challenge ALS and participate in the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Challenge
  10. Participate in the PA State Advocacy Day of Action on May 12
  11. Attend the lunch and learn advocacy info session on May 11
  12. “Like” and Follow us on Facebook
  13. Sign up to receive our chapter newsletter
  14. Join our planned giving program to: Leave a legacy and include our Chapter in a planned gift. Already have us listed as a beneficiary? Let us know!
  15. Get your ALS swag from our Swag Store
  16. Connect with us on LinkedIn
  17. Listen to the ConnectingALS podcast
  18. Attend our Caregiver Support Group
  19. Attend the new Living with ALS Meeting *only for those diagnosed with ALS
  20. Listen to this month’s Care Services Webinar
  21. Double your fight by asking if your company has an employee matching gift program
  22. Nominate your boss to participate in this year’s ALS CEO Soak
  23. Follow us on Instagram
  24. Become an ALS Social Media Ambassador
  25. Share an ALS facts post during our ALS Share-A-Thon – find these on Facebook and Instagram throughout the month of May!
  26. Attend the Walk to Defeat ALS kick off on May 15
  27. Donate to support the fight
  28. Become a corporate partner
  29. Start a Facebook fundraiser
  30. Participate in Youth Action Day on May 15
  31. Become an ALS Ally – $25 gets you a mug!

Here are some more ways you can help:


Many people, even if they’ve heard of ALS, know very little about what the disease is or what it is like. Share the graphics below with others—through social media, email, or even posting on your own blog or website. Full Graphic Kit Available HERE

Remember, every time you share or post something about ALS awareness, use the hashtag #ALSInThisTogether. This will make it easier for people to find more information on the topic, and increase the visibility of ALS Awareness Month.


Throughout May, we’ll be publishing blog posts, highlighting recent advances in research, sharing inspirational stories from people living with ALS, and providing tools for people to learn more about the disease and get involved. An easy way to take part in spreading the word is to simply share these posts on your social media accounts. You can stay notified of each new post, and easily share them, by Signing up to become an ALS Social Media Ambassador (#ALSAmbassador)!

In addition, you can stay up to date by following us on Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter.


The biggest thing you can do in the fight against ALS is to help raise funds for research and essential services for people who have the disease.

Throughout the month of May, the Chapter is turning to its fellow western Pennsylvanians for help to continue these essential services and asks those to consider kicking off ALS Awareness Month by making a donation.

National Volunteer Month – Thank You Volunteers!

The contributions and impact of our volunteers is invaluable. From helping with event setup and logistics to mailings from the office, volunteers play an essential role to drive our mission forward. National Volunteer Month is an opportunity to recognize the impact of volunteer service and the power of volunteers in #OurALSCommunity. This year, in celebration, we asked volunteers to let us know why they offer their time to help those with #ALS. Here’s what they had to say.

“I volunteer for the ALS Association of Western PA because when my friend/co-worker (and Veteran) Melissa was diagnosed in 2016 at the very young age of 35, I knew I had to help somehow.  I am beyond sad to say that Melissa lost her battle at the end of November 2020, but I will keep volunteering and fighting for a cure because I know she would want me to continue so that others (especially Veterans who are twice as likely to get ALS)  do not have to suffer with ALS.  The staff at the ALS Association of Western PA are awesome and I feel lucky to know them and now call them my friends.  I live the volunteer spirit and I encourage others to volunteer for the ALS Association or another organization that you feel passionate about.  You always get more than you give when you volunteer!”

Karen Dunn

“When you go through a difficult period in life, you remember those that were there to hold you up throughout that time.  The ALS Association never left our side when my mother in law was living with ALS. They gave so much to my family, especially my mother in law, and  we will never forget all that they’ve done.  That is why we spend any time we can, helping them support those currently living with ALS.”

Amy Shaughnessy

I volunteer because I’ve seen the cycle of ALS, I’ve witnessed the impact the support that local ALS chapters have on those battling the disease, and I want to be a part of the organization that works tirelessly to develop treatment that not only allows people to live with ALS, but rids this world of the disease entirely.

Gregory Allison

I volunteer for three main reasons. One, to ALWAYS honor my step mom Jackie and raise awareness. Two,  l enjoy volunteering meeting new people and raise awareness. Finally,  l do it to support my dad, my best friend.

Alexis Freoni

I volunteer because I just want to see an end to ALS.  If I can give some of my free time to allow those living with ALS, as well as their caregivers, to have a glimpse of a future without having to battle every day of their life, then it will be worth every minute.  I volunteer to give speech to those who can no longer speak, a deep breath of air to those who cannot breath without assistance, a long walk to those who cannot walk on their own.  Every minute truly counts.

Sharon Squillario

I volunteer with the Western PA Chapter of The ALS Association in honor of and in memory of my father-in-law, F. Jeffrey Capel, Jr. who battled ALS until his last breath in November 2017. The ALS Association served as an amazing resource and support service for our family as we cared for him. Giving a few hours of my time each month is a small “thank you” in return for all the association has given to my loved ones.

Ashley Capel

“I volunteer because if you knew my mom, whom I walk for, you would know that volunteering is all she ever did. She was always doing for others, whether it was for the church, her friends, girl scouts or driving kids to baseball games. She never stopped being generous with her time while raising 7 kids.”

Carla Portash

Are you interested in volunteering with The ALS Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter?